A Vision for Delaware

ChildrenA Vision for Delaware

Today in Delaware, we’re facing an economic future that will look very different from our past. Growing up in Claymont, the parents of my friends mostly worked in the industrial corridor between Marcus Hook, down to Claymont Steel, and the Port of Wilmington. The rest worked for DuPont as welders at Edgemoor, engineers at the Experimental Station, or secretaries downtown at Nemours.

Today, many of those jobs are gone. Delaware’s next governor needs to lead our state through a transition to an innovation economy that will provide Delawareans with well-paying middle class jobs of the future.

We also need to get our state’s finances under control so we can continue to pay for the services Delawareans rely on. As a thirty-year resident of Wilmington, I know all too well that we need to reform our criminal justice system to keep our streets safe and give our youth options beyond a life of crime. And we need to fix our education system, so teachers have the resources they need to help each student succeed.

In the coming months, I’ll be traveling the state to hear your thoughts and share my vision. In the meantime, take a look at my plans, and click here to share your ideas with me about how we can work together to strengthen our state for the next generation.


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