EducationJohn believes that for too long, students, teachers, and parents have been shuffled from one education reform to another — from standardized test to standardized test. He thinks the best thing we can do to improve Delaware’s education system is to pick a strategy, and stick with it. Our education system, especially in the city, is not serving our kids the way it needs to.

John’s education policy will focus on the following key elements:

Making Sure All Children Get to Kindergarten Ready to Learn
  • Create a Cabinet-level Council to better deliver early childhood education programming.
  • Build stronger connections between early learning and K-12 schools.
  • Maintain support for high quality STARS rated programs.
  • Provide at-risk parents and families with early intervention and coaching from birth through early childhood.
Giving Educators the Tools and Students the Resources They Need
  • Refocus the role of DOE from a regulatory agency to a support agency.
  • Take advantage of the flexibility in Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to set goals and accountability measures that make sense for Delaware.
  • Offer useful and effective professional development to Delaware educators.
  • Develop leadership opportunities to keep high quality teachers in the classroom and supporting other teachers.
  • Create flexibility with state resources so teachers and schools can more effectively address the needs of their students.
  • Break down silos to get social services in schools for students and families.

Ensuring that all students graduate high school and are career and college ready
  • Expand career pathways programs to get more students professional certifications before graduation.
  • Create measures for school and student success based on outcomes, including career readiness.

Click here to read John’s education plan

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