State Budget

State Budget/Government Efficiency

One of the most difficult challenges facing our next governor will be balancing the state’s budget. With some of our revenues in decline and the cost of government continuing to grow, John believes it is time to take a fresh look at state spending and how we pay for government.

_MG_5707As a former Secretary of Finance, John knows we can’t continue with business as usual. Increased spending in areas like health care are outpacing our ability to afford it, and crowding out other priorities like improving education and creating jobs. John believes it is time for a “reset” that takes a hard look at spending and revenue. If Delaware state government is going to continue to offer the services it provides to a growing population, and expand in areas where it’s weak, it will need to be more efficient and better able to eliminate unnecessary spending. A sustained focus on efficiency needs to be a permanent fixture of state government and embraced at the highest levels of all three branches of government. And, if we need to raise more revenue, we need an approach that promotes a growing economy, that’s fair to all taxpayers, and that minimizes the burdens on those least able to pay.

A reset for budget spending and revenue won’t be easy, but John is no stranger to tough assignments. As a member of Congress, John was one of only 38 representatives to vote for the Simpson-Bowles plan — a budget proposal that could have reined in our nation’s spending and raised revenue in a balanced way. And he cofounded a bipartisan working group with Republican colleagues to seek out common sense solutions on the federal budget and other tough issues facing Congress.

As governor, John will bring that same leadership to a bipartisan effort, working with business and other community leaders, to get our budget back on track without sacrificing the quality services that so many Delawareans depend on.

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