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EconomyThe security of every Delaware family depends on good-paying jobs. Delaware’s economic landscape has changed drastically over the last decade, with key manufacturers leaving our state and the DuPont merger with Dow shaking the very identity of Delaware’s economy. Delawareans are right to worry about our economy in transition. But that transition also makes us focus on our strengths, and where we need to improve, as we build the Delaware economy of the future.

That future is an innovation economy, where Delaware is not only the First State when it comes to incorporating a company but also the First State when it comes to growing a company. It means having a thriving financial services sector that creates jobs in technology. It means improving data security. And it means changing how we use banking services. It requires a robust entrepreneurial economy housed at sites like coIN Loft, the Mill, 1313 Innovation, and the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce’s Emerging Enterprise Center, where Delawareans are developing new products to bring to the market place. It means small businesses up and down Delaware are expanding with new hires. It’s the next generation of biotech, pharma, and agricultural sciences, creating thousands of additional high-paying jobs. And it’s a state that pursues every opportunity to create new manufacturing and blue collar jobs, like at the port of Wilmington, to make sure all Delawareans can earn a livable wage.

Of course, the real key to our economic future is our people. As businesses compete for the best employees, they will go and grow where the talent is. We need a workforce second to none — one that can compete not only nationally, but globally.

As Governor, John would prioritize:
      1. Creating new “old” jobs
      2. Building Delaware’s innovation economy
      3. Strengthening Delaware’s world-class workforce
      4. Cutting red tape that stifles economic growth
      5. Growing Delaware’s agriculture economy

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