John’s Record

As Governor, John Carney has focused on the issues that matter to Delaware families - jobs, public education, quality of life and health care.

John worked with the General Assembly to pass the largest public infrastructure plan in Delaware history, dedicate funding for children living in poverty, and protect our environment.

And he did it responsibly, building a new $125 million Budget Stabilization Fund to help get Delaware through economic downturns and budget shortfalls. Those new reserves are helping get us through the COVID-19 pandemic without cuts to important service programs.

Throughout this COVID-19 crisis, John has listened to the experts, trusted the science, and focused on protecting lives.

Take a look at some of our progress: 

  Created the Opportunity Funding Initiative, which will provide $75 million over three years for English learners, low-income students, and new mental health supports in schools.  
  In just three years, Governor Carney and the General Assembly turned a $400 million deficit into a $200 million surplus, with $125 million in reserves.  
  Redirected new resources to support small businesses and entrepreneurs through a new small business office within the Department of State.  
  Facilitated access to credit and capital to foster small business and entrepreneur growth through EDGE Grants (Encouraging Development, Growth & Expansion)  
  Signed legislation that allows new mothers and fathers in the state workforce to take up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave after the birth or adoption of their children.  
  Finalized a $600 million agreement to expand the Port of Wilmington and create jobs.  
  Signed the first major reforms to the Coastal Zone Act, clearing the way for additional redevelopment and cleanup of legacy industrial sites.  
  Signed the Angel Investor Job Creation and Innovation Act, establishing a refundable tax credit for qualified investors in Delaware small businesses to spur job creation and innovation.  
  Restructured Delaware’s economic development efforts, partnering strategically with the private sector to attract business and jobs to Delaware.  
  Signed into law a package of legislation that expanded access to substance abuse treatment, and strengthened oversight of opioid prescriptions.  
  Committed to eliminating broadband deserts to build Delaware’s innovation economy.  
  Signed the Beau Biden Gun Violence Prevention Act to confront the issue of gun safety and mental illness.  
  Strengthened protections for Delawareans whose personal information is threatened by breaches of cyber security.  
  Established a consistent anti-discrimination policy across state government.  
  Created the Government Efficiency and Accountability Review Board (GEAR) to continuously identify cost savings and system improvements across state government.  
  Signed legislation to lower health care costs for Delaware families, businesses, and state government through the launch of a health care benchmark initiative.  
  Expanded access to public data through Delaware’s Open Data Portal.  
  Created a Department of Human Resources within state government to spearhead women’s advocacy, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and other issues important to state employees.  


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